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Bahasa Inggris : Expressing

1. Expressing anger or displeased and annoyance(mengekspresikan kemarahan atau tidak senang dan jengkel)
 Contoh-contoh dikategorikan oleh situasi: netral, informal, dan formal:

  • I’m very annoyed …
  • Oh dear…/Oh No!
  • What a nuisance!
  • This really makes me cross/angry.
  • It annoys me.
  • It isn’t very nice/ pleasant.
  • I really hate him!
  • Oh, hell, No!
  • Oh damn!
  • Oh no, what’s next?
  • She makes me mad.
  • He really makes me see red.
  • What an idiot!
  • I can’t stand it anymore.
  • I’m fed up with it.
  • That’s the last straw.
  • Why the hell didn’t he stop calling me..?
  • I’ve had just about enough of this condition.
  • This is extremely irritating
  • I can’t say I’m at all pleased …
  • I’m extremely displeased/angry/unhappy.
  • I must say I reject to I will not pull up with
  • I take great exception to...

2. Expressing sympathi (rasa ikut bersedih atau suka cita)
          2.1. Expressing of sympathy on minor 

a. What’s shame d. That’s too bad
b. What’s pity e. That’s pity
c. That’s a nuisance f. Oh dear

          2.2. Expressing of sympathy on serious accident
   a. Goodness! 
   b. How Awful!
   c. How terrible! 
   d. How dreadful!

          2.3. Expressing of sympathy on personal circumstances
  a. I’m sorry to hear that d. Please accept my deepest sympathy

  b. I’m sorry about that e. Send my deepest condolence!

  c. I’m really sorry for them f. Please accept my condolences!

3.Expressing offering something ( menawarkan sesuatu )
- Wolud you like something to drink?
- What shall I do for you?

4. Expressing Pride (rasa bangga)
- Well, I'm good at it.
- It's no problem! Anyone can do it.

5. Expressing Request (permohonan)
    5.1. Asking someone to do something:
·        Can you give me the book?
·        Could you phone me at 7 o’clock?
·        Would you mind repairing my watch?
·        Do you think you could take me to the shop?
·        I wonder if you could write me an application letter?
   5.2. Asking someone for something:
·        Can I borrow your pen?
·        Could I have a seat?
·        Can’t I sit beside you?
·        May I use your computer?
6. Expressing Inviting (mengundang)
Would you like to go to my birthday party tonight?

7. Expressing Accepting Invitation (menerima ajakan)
- That's a good idea. 
- That's great. I can't wait to go.
8. Expressing Declining Invitation (menolak ajakan)
- I'm sorry I can't. I have to stay at home.
 - I'd love to, but I don't like it.
9Expressing Asking for Opinion (meminta pendapat)
- What do you think about him?

10. Expressing Introduction (Perkenalan)
a. Hello, I’m Julia
b. Hello, My name is ………
c. May I introduce my self ?
d. Are you Yunita ?
e. I’d like to introduce my self
f. I’d like you to meet ……..
g. Hello, I’m Julia
h. Hello, My name is ………
i. May I introduce my self ?
j. Are you Yunita ?
k. I’d like to introduce my self
l. I’d like you to meet ……..
m.this is ……and this is ……
n. how do you do?
o. Pleased to meet you
p. Pleased to meet you too
q. I don’t think we’ve met.
11. Keharusan/Ketidakharusan/Obligation/Non Obligation
11.1. Expression Obligation            11.2. Expression Non Obligation
a. You must …..                                        a. I don’t have to ….
b. you have to ….                                        b. You don’t have to ….
c. You had to ….                                         c. You must not ….  

12. Suka/tidak suka/Like Dislike,
 5.1. Expression Like                        5.2. Expression Dislike 
a. I like ….                                                       a. I hate …. 
b. I love …                                                       b. I can’t stand …. 
c. I adore …                                                    c. I dislike ….
d. We don’t mind ….                                      d. can’t stand, can’t bear
e. like, be fond of, be keen on ….                   e. I detest …  
13. Permintaan Maaf/Apology
a. I’m sorry to trouble you
b. I’ve come home here to apologize
c. I’m very sorry about that
d. I’m very sorry ……….
e. I’m terribly sorry …….
f. Please forgive me for ……
g. I have to apologize for ……..
14. Penawaran Jasa/Bantuan/Offering Help
a. Can I help you ?
b. What can I do for you ?
c. Can I do something for you ?
d. Do you want to something to eat ?
e. Shall I get you something to read ?
15. Kepuasan / Ketidakpuasan/ Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction
      15.1. Expressing Satisfaction
a. We feel satisfied/contented with it.
b. It makes us satisfied.
c. It gives my satisfaction.
      15.2. Expressing Dissatisfaction
a. I am dissatisfied with it.
b. It is dissatisfactory.
c. It makes me dissatisfied.

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